My First Homepage.

 So, what am I going to put on this, my very first website? Probably slideshows of some of my favourite photographs, taken with my new Canon Eos 400D.  I'm still trying it out and learning its countless settings and functions. Perhaps some personal info about what I do and what I would like to do. Also some of the best pictures I have taken with my older cameras, right back to the unreliable old Kodak DX3600. Still produced some good pics though!
A bit about myself, my family and my history. As I build the site further, I will include more photo's........."Oh no!"......... Yes, even more quality shots of the things I would like to preserve for posterity. By the way this lovely sunset was taken in 2006 in Kerry, Ireland. Amazingly it was at about 10.45 in the evening! Taken on my old Fuji Finepix S304.

I have also included some items I have for sale; DVD's of some old Dire Straits concerts I taped in the 80's and a couple of great films that are unavailable anywhere else on the planet!........see Items for sale.

In ' Normandy '06', you will find some details and photo's of a trip I made to Normandy with my mate Martin. We visited alot of D-day memorials and one of the landing beaches used on June 6th 1944. Its kind of big interest of mine, not so much war and death but the sacrifices made by ordinary people.


Me and my camera......Saddo!

Also see some of my older pictures.............. see Still lives, etc.  and Views of London .......bored already? Ok then, heres a  link to a nice cake decorating website!!

I don't have a clue who Maisey is, but I'm sure she's very good at cake decorating.

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It would be great to have your comments and suggestions. Please use the form opposite.

By the way, I have added some Google ad links in a few places on the site; they say they will add relevent adverts in order to generate some revenue, so this will be interesting. Any ads that cause offence, subvert any Governments or in any any way result in a Mafia hit squad knocking on my front door at three in the morning,  have nothing to do with me!! (But please email me and let me know, so that I can make a swift gettaway?)

I live in South East London, I always have, more or less. To make matters worse, I am a Driving Instructor. Twenty long years, careening around trying to teach the finer points of staying alive on the roads of London. I must be mad, 'cos all I want to do really is take photographs.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut....or a pilot.....anything but what I do now! I keep saying to Chris, my wife that I will be glad when I'm too old to drive!! I don't think I mean it really, but it certainly does bring out the worst in people, including me.

Me and my girls.

I have two grown up daughters, Vicky and Heidi, (I'm the one one in the middle), three grandkids, Tyrone Nicole and Olivia, (See Olivia below) see the others in People